Below you can find some of our key services and how your company can benefit using these services to further develop your business.

Business Development


Are you looking for developing new products or services, expanding internationally or domestically. Let us help you find who would be a right partner to expand your business and succeed with your customers.

IT Development


Are you looking for transformation from legacy systems into cloud? We are happy to show you the possibilities in different technologies and how they can create value to your day-to-day business.

​Public Speaking


Are you a event organizer and looking for a speaker? How endurance training and business are alike... Lessons learned from the telecom bubble... Importance of connectivity for data centers...

​Network Development


Are you looking for epanding your network, constructing a submarine cable system, modernizing the network hardware or just looking how to maximize both efficiency and redundancy of your network. Let us help you.

​Sales Management


How to motivate your sales people? How about quantity or quality in sales calls? What kind of sales models you should apply in different verticals? Are you looking for new sales verticals or sales channels? Looking for international customers? We can help you to get up to speed with sales.